Confirmation box in corkboard mode

OK, now this could already exist in Scrivener; there’s been enough times that I’ve wanted to do something only to discover I already can.

Assuming it doesn’t then I have an issue (and it could be age-related, it could be early-onset something) but I work in the corkboard view a lot, with an extra screen to use Compose mode. Or even if I don’t use an extra screen, I’ll work in compose mode and switch quickly between documents as and when I want to change something. I can tell at a glance at the title of the index card, or the synopsis, or the colour markers for character POV, which index card I want to jump to. This way I sometimes jump back and forth within the draft. To cut a long story short, I have discovered now and then that I have inadvertently moved or deleted an index card, which causes me some distress. I know deleted files are still there, but worse is if a card has moved, and it’s not where I expect it to be.

What would be great is a ‘confirm to delete/move’ option for people like me, who are working on an MBA and obviously hitting the wrong keys. Of course I am assuming there are people who have a similar problem. Likelihood is that I am alone in this, in which case please ignore me and move on.


You could make the “Move to Trash” menu command even more difficult to press. Right now it already requires two keys (Cmd-Del), but you could add another key or two in there so that it would be extremely difficult to hit accidentally.