Conflicted copies

I run Scrivener on two Windows laptops, an active copy of my current project running in Dropbox, accessible from both laptops. (I also back up a zipped version of the same project every day and whenever I switch laptops). I try to always remember to close the project in one laptop before opening it in another. Nonetheless, last week somehow I had to “make a copy”. Now I find that both projects, one with “conflicted copy” in the title and one without, are inside the Scrivener project folder in Dropbox. They seem to be sharing the same “Files”, “Settings”, and “Snapshots” files because both projects are in the same Scrivener folder. I don’t know which project I have been updating. Their “Last modified” dates and times are the same. And yet their file sizes are different. I would like to delete one out of the folder, but not the wrong one! It is a very large project so it is not possible for me to see any differences. Besides, when I open either project they look identical, that is, they open to the same view. I don’t think I understand how “conflicted copy” works. Do both get updated thereafter?

“Conflicted copies” are created by Dropbox when it encounters a conflict that it can’t resolve. Tips for resolving the conflict(s) can be found here: … c-services