How do I move a file from conflicts on my iPhone into an existing file on my iPhone?

Is the Conflict file part of the project? If so, just move it like you would any other document.

If not, where is it?

Yes, it belongs in the project file. For reasons unknown to me it shows in the conflict files. I couldn’t see how to move it by using my mouse and the keyboard or clicking the edit button. In the end I did a copy and pasted it into a new folder within the project. Then using the edit button in conflicts I sent the conflicted file to trash. I still haven’t discovered where the lost 9 entries in this project are.

Since you are on iOS I don’t know how mouse would help unless you have one (rare on iOS). If you left swipe the file with your finger in Conflicts you wish to move you will see I hope the “move” command.

how files have gone missing is unexpected and a mystery.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the swipe left thing. The missing files is unexpected and a mystery to me too :pray:

Swipe left is a standard iOS feature. You may wish to try it more often in Scrivener and other iOS apps.

Drag the Binder downward to see the project search. That’s the best way to find missing material.

When you get a chance, I’d recommend taking a look at the iOS Scrivener Tutorial project, which covers both these tips and lots more.

Thanks for the suggestion :pray:

That’s most helpful. Thank you for the advice :pray: