Confused about plain text/markdown options in iOS

I’m looking at using Scrivener for more projects (I love the iOS version), but I’m puzzled about the options for plain text / markdown export from iOS. I don’t think I’m looking for anything particularly complex here (like the MMD options in the Mac version) – just a simple export that would do very basic markdown conversion.

Here’s my confusion:

In iOS compile options, if I select “convert to basic markdown,” I get beautifully formatted MD bullet lists, italics, and so on. Paragraphs correctly have the blank lines needed for normal MD parsers. Block quotes don’t currently work (due to a lack of styles I imagine) but that is fine. The basics are all there. EXCEPT for headings – the titles of each of my folders/documents are rendered as just plain text, without the hashtags (#) to indicate heading levels.

So then I turn on the “Titles Use Markdown Levels” option – and now SOME headings show up correctly (well, in this project, just ONE), while the rest show up as escaped: “##”

And I can’t figure out why. This is the structure of the project:

Draft Introduction (this is a document) First Main Section (this is a folder that also has its own text) Sub Section (document) Sub Section 2 (document) Sub Section 3 (document) Sub Section 4 (document) Sub Section 5 (document) Conclusion (document)

With both “titles use markdown levels” and “convert to basic markdown” ON, using Modern appearance (which is configured to include the titles for these levels of folders and documents), I get:

\# Introduction

Text from the intro document

# First Main Section

Text from the First Main Section document. This one is actually correct -- the heading is perfect

And the text includes a perfectly formatted bulleted list:

* item 1
* item 2

\## Sub section

\## Sub Section 2

\## Sub Section 3

\## Sub Section 4

\## Sub Section 5

\# Conclusion

I cannot figure out why “First Main Section” gets a proper MD heading, while everything else (including other documents at the same level) have their heading tags escaped out. That is the part that makes this feel like a bug. I tried switching the “Introduction” document to a folder (and even adding a sub-document to it), but that made no difference. Then I added a NEW folder with a document AFTER “First Main Section”, and it was ALSO correctly formatted with #.

If I turn off titles use markdown levels, but leave on “convert to basic markdown” I get the same as above but no hashtags on the titles.

If I turn on “titles use markdown levels,” but turn OFF “convert to basic markdown”, I get proper hashtagged levels, but I lose the proper empty lines, asterisks for italics/bullet lists / etc.

This just doesn’t make any sense. I do not understand the design behind these options – how can I get BOTH basic formatting converted to markdown, AND document/folder titles converted to markdown headings? Why would anyone WANT this weird hybrid in which you can have only one or the other, but not both?

I suppose I can post-process in a text editor to find/replace and remove the unnecessary backslashes, but it just seems really strange. And again – why am I getting the right result on ONE folder/document?

I’ve examined and experimented with the “Appearance” settings as well – perhaps there is something there I can change that would get the correct behavior?

What am I missing?

Hm, I’m really not an expert of the iOS version, but this really sounds like a bug?

It does sound like a bug, but honestly I’m not sure – maybe there is some intent here that I don’t get. Or some different settings in the "Appearance’ file. From the lack of responses, I guess not many people try to export out MD from iOS?

I did email support about this (last Thursday, so nearly a week ago) and no reply, so I’m really not sure what to do next with this.

Bumping this question. Can’t find a way to get # to come out.

Even if I do this:

Text Titles:
Level 1: “#<$title> blah”
Level 2: “##<$title> blah blah”
Level 3: “###<$title> blah blah blah”

Now I suppose the real deal is that the formatting is just formatting. But then what, exactly, does “Text Title” and the levels refer to?

I suppose I should just type the darn pound signs but what is all this other stuff actually doing?