Confused about the iDisk situation

Hi there,

Because almost all iDisk users keep a local cache mounted as a loopback drive (a file that represents the iDisk that gets mounted to /Volumes/mobilemeusername ), isn’t saving a file there essentially identical to saving it at /User/username/Documents? Ultimately, the file is written to the local hard drive; in one case, it happens to then get pushed out to the “cloud”.

Is there any reason the local copy would face corruption? It’s hard to see why there would be…


Further, I realise that .scriv files are packages (directories masquerading as files), but so are most data files generated by Mac apps; specifically, OmniOutliner and Pages both create packages for their save files, I’ve certainly kept files in my iDisk from both that I edited directly from my iDisk, and have never had an issue (and I’ve been doing this for years).

I realise that this is a fairly widespread problem; my girlfriend is having this problem w/ Scrivener right now, where she has saved several .scriv files directly to her iDisk, only to find that when she tries to open them, she’s told they are from and earlier version, and that she needs to update them. Nothing she tries (short of ripping the RTFD file out of the package - itself a packaged file, if I’m not mistaken) seems to work to recover the .scriv file.

It does seem odd that .scriv files would be more vulnerable than other packaged files; is there a reason this would be so?