Confused about v1.8 beta

I just downloaded Scrivener v 1.7 Beta ( over two days, since I have dialup). Now I see messages here about updating v1.7 with v1.8 (or 018).

Other than the questions raised by people who had problems updating to v1.8, I have seen nothing on the site that tells me about v1.8. Can someone tell me (us) what v1.8 does? Does it fix some of the v1.7 problems I’ve seen discussed in Bug Hunt?

Is v1.8 really 1.2MB in addition to the existing 47MB for v1.7? If so, it would be better for me (faster) if I could download it ‘outside’ of Scrivener, using my download accelerator. Would this work? Or, as an update, will v1.8 only work if it is (so to speak) imported from within v1.7? And, if v1.8 must be imported from within Scrivener, do I need to use the /liveupdates in Program Files instead of the update link in Scrivener’s Help tab?

Or, would it just be better for me to wait a month until the Mar 21 update becomes available?

Sorry for all the questions – I just found it confusing to see v1.8 being discussed the day after I downloaded v1.7.

Thanks so much!


Check here … … It is to do with the default zoom level that 1.7 has introduced over the previous beta versions …

Thanks, altocumulus. I read your link about the default zoom needing the v1.8 update, but I’m afraid that doesn’t answer the questions I asked.

Still needing someone to write something about the purposes of, and necessity of, updating to v1.8.

Thanks, though!

EMCMcG, as far as I think any of us are aware, 1.8 wasn’t a bug-fix. It was an adjustment to suit the community, so that viewed sizes of fonts remain as expected from past releases. There was a lot of discussion about it.

Lee had set the font rendering to industry standard in 1.7, but the industry also typically magnifies – so this is what 1.8 automatically does, so that viewing everywhere is consistent.

If you’re not bothered by font sizes looking smaller on 1.7, you may not have a need to upgrade, since you sound more to be at present a user-of-beta than someone troubleshooting and making reports.

1.8 uses Zoom preset at 135% to match Word etc. in look of the fonts at given point size. This saves having to go in and set Zoom manually on each file.

I don’t think you can employ download accelerators on the downloader. If you go for it, at least at 12MB it will take only half the day. If it makes you feel better, public broadband can on occasion be nearly as slow, at least in some countries we won’t name today :wink:.


You are using dial-up? Poor fellow…

Can you hang out at a starbucks or the like? It would take far less time to download, you can people watch, and at least the ones by me have free wifi if you buy a drink.