Confused about view mode

Greetings, I am a newby and I am glad to have access to help here!

I seem proficient in using the corkboard and outliner. I created my folders in the Chicago nonfiction template. They show up as card stacks on the corkboard and as headed text files in the outliner. But when I switch to scrivenings mode, all I see are the headings for each group and the topic headings for text files in each group. I do not see the text I have written in each file.
I wrote my text into each of the outline sections and its in full view in the outline mode and I can read the text in corkboard mode. I did not write my text in editor mode. Is that the problem. Must I move my text somewhere? Into the editor? How to do that? Thanks.

When you write in corkboard view, you’re writing synopsis entries … not the text itself. If you write in the Editor, on the other hand, you’re writing document text … though you can see and write synopsis text in the Inspector while writing in the Editor.

To move what you wrote in corkboard view to the Editor, highlight it in the Inspector, copy (or cut), and paste into the Editor.

Dear @drmajorbob, Thank you so much!

If you haven’t already, I’d recommend taking a look at our Interactive Tutorial, available from the Help menu. It’s a good overview of fundamental operations like this.

I will take the time to study is much more carefully. Thanks, @kewms for the direction and encouragement.