Confused by footnotes

I just put all of the footnotes into my thesis document. They appear in an inspector window. When I compile my document, all of the notes appear at the end. BUT(!), there is no number linking the note with the relevant place in the document. Is there a way to compile the document so that the footnotes number automatically and those numbers appear with the notes? I would rather the notes appear at the bottom of the relevant page, but I don’t mind them being end notes just so long as I don’t have to refootnote everything manually. Thanks!

What format are you exporting to? If you export to Word or RTF formats, footnotes will be at the end of each page, depending on your Compile settings.

All the best,

I had exported to RTF. No footnotes at all. Tried word format, as per your suggestion. That gave me footnotes at the bottom of the page. Thanks.

Were you opening the RTF file in a word processor that can display footnotes in the first place? Not all of them can, notably the simple TextEdit viewer that comes free with a Mac (and automatically associates itself with RTF files), Bean (which is a heavily modified version of the TextEdit core), and Pages (has only a very basic grasp of RTF, but can read them in .doc/x format).