Confused in Fiction Template

When I see the Title Page it looks like it’s auto generated with code like <$template_fullName>. Is this true? If it is where do we input that information?

I, too, would like to know the answer to that question!

The templates seem to have been brought over without much (any?) modification from the Mac version, so those template placeholder tags might not mean anything yet in Windows. In the Mac version, they take the user’s name, address, etc. from the Address Book (a Mac app on the OS). I imagine there’s a Windows equivalent but I don’t know if this is set up yet.

Sorry for a non-answer. :neutral_face:

Yeah, I don’t think there is a central address book style application that comes pre-packaged with Windows. The closest to it would probably be the address books in Outlook Express and Outlook, but I’m not very familiar with either, and don’t think there is an external method for getting a “master card” out of it.

So yeah, at any rate, for now just select those placeholders and type in the information by hand.

Thanks for the reply. It seems even the MAC way is cumbersome. I would think an internal Scrivener one would be more useful, even perhaps per project.

It’s pretty normal actually over here. Most Mac users don’t even realise they have a master card or where it came from, the computer just seems to magically know their info.

For those that need their own custom information on the cover sheets—well that is what making your own templates are for. Strip out the token stuff and add your own details to the starting template along with any other meta-data and so forth changes you’d like. One should really only be using the provided templates once or twice, unless they use the program in a very basic capacity (which is of course, quite fine!)