Confused - Move Focus to

Using beta

I have two vertical editing panels open but I cannot use the keystroke commands to move between the panels. (Ctrl-Meta-R; Ctrl-Meta-L)

The keystroke for going to the left editor works but not the one for going back to the right panel. Also, Meta-Ctrl-E (go to the right editor) appears not to work.

If I go Menu-Navigate-Move Focus and click on either or any of the shortcuts listed everything works. But obviously, I would much rather use a keyboard command.

The same behavior is also seen when the editing panels are displayed horizontally.

Is this something at my end or is it part of the beta list of things to do?

The meta key should be the Windows key. Both of those work for me. Make sure you’re not typing alt instead?

Again, to be clear.

When in the right-hand panel (vertical arrangement) I can go to the left one using Ctrl-Meta (win)- L

But if I am in the left panel, nothing happens when I use the Ctrl-Meta(Win)-R command.

However, the mouse click commands in the menu do work as expected.