Confused with PM on the board


So sorry if this is the wrong forum, as I could not get where to post this.

I have sent a PM to KB.

Now, I can see that PM that I have sent to KB in my OUTBOX on this forum private messaging area. But I am confused. Should that not be in the SENT area? Is there something extra I need to do after composing a PM and clicking send?

Did KB receive the PM?


Zubin Garda

Yes he did!

The Outbox on the forum works slightly differently to how you might expect in a mail application. If something is in your outbox it means that it has been sent, but not yet read.

It will automatically be moved to the Sent folder once at least one of the message’s recipients has opened it.

Yes, I received the PM and replied to it. The forum software is just the standard PHPBB stuff, so blame any oddities on that. :slight_smile: