Confusing Composition Options

EDIT: This was previously reported as #5 in this list of bugs from Beta 16 here. Maybe it didn’t make it to a bug list?

Should we still not be worrying about the Composition mode colors? I see a bug here, not sure if it’s under the umbrella of “don’t test yet”, but it’s about the menu, not the colors themselves. I’ll ask here and you can determine if it’s a new bug or not.

Under “Composition Mode” in appearance->color options, there’s a “Copy from Full Screen” button. But isn’t this the Full Screen mode? It appears when I click this button that those colors overwrite the default editor colors, so “Copy from Full Screen” actually means “Copy to Editor Settings”?

On Editor colors options header in the same spot, it says “Copy From Editor”, which again seems backward.
So either I’m not understanding, or these button labels are confusing and their functionality is backward. Thoughts?

Split from topic due to being unrelated.

Do these options still appear in the latest Beta version?

No, the options are gone, so it appears fixed.