Confusion About Notifications

I enjoy hearing the tone and seeing the alert when I reach my daily word count target.

Today, I didn’t notice it when I hit 1065 this morning, but I figured I just missed it. Then, just now, this appeared:

Why was it coming up when I’d far exceeded my goal?

I checked my past notificiations:

Today’s Session Target Achieved doesn’t appear in the list, and it looks like it recorded a session target reset twice.

Can you explain the meaning of this?

This is how I have my notifications set:


Today it activated at the right time.

It looks like you have two entries for Scrivener in the notifications list. Maybe that’s the root of your problem? I assume there’s some file in your ~/Library you can delete to get rid of one or both of those settings to start over, but I’m not at my Mac to look for more specific info…

I’ve seen that with other apps, too. Someone asked:

“In System Preferences > Notifications, there are two entries for Google Chrome, and they have different settings.”

and received the answer:

"one is for calendar (That is the one with the banner) and one regular notifications (the one that controls website notifications "

If figured it was something like that for Scriv also??

I have Scrivener on four Macs. Each installation only has one entry for Scrivener in Notifications.

If an app has two notification functions, the icons in the Notification Centre are labelled distinctly so that the user can configure them appropriately. For example, ScanSnap installs ScanSnap Home Scan and ScanSnap Home Register.

An identical duplication might exist because of a glitch; a reinstall; or a dual-source install (from the App Store and a direct download).

Items can be removed from the Notification Centre by selecting them and pressing delete, but if duplicated notifications share identical names and icons, it is impossible to know without reservation which one to delete and if such a deletion will cause further problems.

If I used the Notification Centre for Scrivener, I would delete both entries, delete Scrivener, cold boot the Mac, and then reinstall Scrivener, allowing it to set up a new and reliable entry in the Notification Centre.

I assume that other users might use trial and error (toggling the different notification settings to see what impact each entry has), have better/ less invasive solutions, or be more circumspect in their approach. I figure that if I delete Scrivener but don’t delete its underlying preferences, all should be well with a reinstall.

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