Confusion exporting a file

On the sidebar on the left I’ve got a draft of a document, and as I wanted to make major changes I duplicated it. But when it comes to exporting the new draft to print, even if I highlight all the elements of the new version I can only export the original. Any thoughts?


There are two ways to export mass amounts of information. The first exports the draft into a single file, and the second exports each element in the Binder as a separate file. For the first, what you want to export must be inside the Draft folder; Binder selection does not effect this form of export. For the second, the items can be anywhere in the Binder, and selection matters.

If you want to export an alternate draft, you’ll have to drag the current draft out to a temporary place, and then drag the alternate into the Draft folder to export.

An alternative, if you are going to be doing this a lot, is to keep them both in Draft, and always remember to set the scope of the export in the Export Draft sheet. You can set the scope with the drop-down at the top of the content tab. If you have your main book in “Main” and your alternate in “Alternate” you would then just select “Alternate” to export that part, and change it back to “Main” when you are done.

Thanks AmberV for fielding this. It sounds as though are expecting a copy of the Draft folder to work with Export Draft, when only the Draft folder itself - indicated by its unique icon - works with Export Draft.

Thanks again for the speedy and clear reply. Fantastic piece of software. I spend far to long messing around with software rather than writing, but Scrivener has made it so straightforward that I would rather write than procrastinate. Amazing!

Great job Keith.