Confusion with Project and .Scriv File Names and Mix Up in Names Between Two Projects

I think that I have somehow managed to mess up the naming of two of my Projects

These naming snafus are not just within each of the two Projects, but seem to have become entangled with each other

At the moment I have not experienced any negative effects because of this, but I am worried that if I have to restore a back up at some point, things might go wrong because of this problem.

Here is what is happening:

  1. The line at the very top of the Project screen, listing the file path, and name of the Project, read (in part) …G. Discovery Short Story\Discovery Scrivener.scriv

Two potential issues here:
a. Shouldn’t the .scriv file be called ‘G. Discovery Short Story’ - i.e., shouldn’t it have the same name as the title of my Project?

b. In the ‘Recent Projects’ list (under ‘File’) this Project is listed as ‘Discovery Scrivener’ - yet another variation

If I do a Backup To, the resulting .zip file is called ‘Discovery Scrivener’.

  1. I have another Project called ‘G. Writing Exercises’. In the file path (right at the top of the Scrivener window), the path reads (in part) …‘G. Discovery Short Story\Discovery Scrivener.scriv’ (i.e., it has the name of the first project as part of its file name).

However, if I do a Back Up, the file is called ‘G. Writing Exercises’

I am not sure what to do about these problems, if anything, and would appreciate some guidance with this.

Thanks for any help.

This tells me:

  • Your Scrivener Project is Discovery Scrivener
  • Your Scrivener Project Folder is Discovery Scrivener.scriv
  • You’ve stored this Project Folder inside a folder called G. Discovery Short Story.

So far, I see nothing amiss.

First, it’s not a .scriv file, it’s a .scriv project folder. Second, as mentioned above, you are using folder G. Discovery Short Story as a container for your project folder, but it is not your project folder. Your Scrivener Project Folder is Discovery Scrivener.scriv

Yes, this is all correct, as your project is named Discovery Scrivener.

In the portion you reveal above, you show a path that is exactly the same as the other project’s. Is the full path of both projects exactly the same? If not, please show the difference. Can you please provide a screenshot of the paths for both projects, from the Scrivener Title bar.


The other thing that would be helpful is a screenshot, for each project, of contents of the .scriv project folder.

For example:

In this screenshot for Scrivener project Tutorial, I can see the project path and the contents of the Scrivener project folder Tutorial.scriv. Inside the project folder is the .scrivx Scrivener Project File Tutorial.scrivx.

Any chance you’ve got two .scrivx Scrivener Project files inside one project folder?

Hi JimRac,
Many thanks for your help.

I cannot believe I did not recognize part of the command line I described as directories/folders I had created myself (must be old age), so thanks for straightening that out.

In terms of your suggestions, please see screenshots of path names below.

Regarding your question about whether there are two .scrivx files in any of the Project folders (which is a great point, in terms of being a possibility), I do have four Scrivener Projects in my ‘G. Discovery Short Story’ folder (which I created), but none of those Projects has anything other than its own .scrivx Project file in its .scriv folder - i.e., the correct .scrivx file is in each .scriv folder, and there are no other/‘foreign’ .scrivx files in each .scriv folder.

Hi gvdv,

Thanks for the clarifications.

So, it appears you’ve got four Scrivener project folders all stored within folder G. Discovery Short Story --the two you’ve mentioned, plus two others.

G. Discovery Short Story folder

  • G Writing Exercises.scriv
  • Discovery Scrivener.scriv
  • Another project.scriv
  • One more project.scriv

In and of itself, storing the projects this way should not cause any issues.

My assumption is that this is not what you intended to do? And that is what’s causing you concern?

If so, what was your intent? What did you want the projects to be named and where did you want them to be stored?

FYI, if you want to rename projects and/or move them around:

  • To rename a project, all you have to do is rename the .scriv project folder. The next time you open the project, Scrivener will rename the .scrivx project file name to match the project folder name. Renaming the project will probably break your Recents list in Scrivener, that is, if you pick OldProjectName from the Recents list Scrivener won’t be able to find it. You’ll need to pick NewProjectName. Renaming your project will also change the name of your .zip backups to NewProjectName.

  • To move a project to a different containing folder, move the .scriv project folder to the target folder. This is important, so I’ll repeat it: Move the entire .scriv project folder. (People get into trouble when they only move the .scrivx project file. Doing that will result in a binder with empty documents.) Moving the project folder may or not break the Recents list, I just don’t recall. It will have no impact on your .zip backups.


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Hi Jim,
Apologies for the late response, and many thanks for your help here.

This is great information, and helps me to move forward with no confusion.

Thanks again.