Congrats! And DropBox problem

First of all, congratulations both on finally having published Scrivener for iOS and also with creating a piece of software that looks even more wonderful than I imagined it would be. I am sure virtually everyone agrees with this. I would not be surprised if Apple highlights this app during their next stage event.

I created a project called ‘Test Project’ and hit the sync icon. Then I’m allowed to navigate my DropBox folder, but when I click ‘apps’, nothing happens, no ‘Scrivener’ folder is created and my project is not saved there.

What am I doing wrong?

I believe you need to SYNC first, and then create projects in the dropbox area of the scriv project list.

I could be wrong but I saw the same thing. If the list is “On My iPad” then it won’t sync.

In Scrivener go to Dropbox settings and there select the folder which should be used for syncing. You can either chose the default, or pick an existing folder.

Once you have selected the folder, sync, and Scrivener should show the projects in that folder.

Thanks, guys. It works!