Congrats but you might already know this.

Just got my current issue of CREATIVE SCREENWRITING magazine and there is a full page color advertisement by the Final Draft people extolling the virtues of and their proud association with Scrivener. good publicity.

Brilliant! I knew they were mentioning L&L and Scrivener soon, but I didn’t know it was out… I don’t suppose you could scan the page and send it to contact AT literatureandlatte DOT com, could you?

I have to say that the Final Draft guys are BRILLIANT. They are very proactive at keeping in touch with smaller companies that might interact with their software. (They made it possible for the next update of Scrivener to import and export FCF documents.) A few of the FD team were in London in September and we met up with them, and they were incredibly helpful, giving us all sorts of good advice in moving Scrivener forward. I know they sometimes get bashed because they seem to have developed a reputation for being the MS of scriptwriting software developers, but they’re not like that at all.

So, many thanks to Final Draft for mentioning Scrivener in their ad!

All the best,