Congratulations, Keith. You are in!!

Hello Keith,

Here’s what you wrote on:


Well, congratulations. You are in!

I am on the verge of ‘skeleton-ing’ a new novel and have decided to give the main antagonist the name “Keith” in your honor. Here’s some of info on this character –

His full name is “Keith Bluont” (and yes, the spelling mistake in the surname is intentional, per… ahem!.. my legal counsel). His nickname is going to be “The Spear”. Looks somewhat similar to the actor Jude Law (I decided on this description after looking at your pics) but with a shock of thick, jet-black hair! (yeah, I know.)

He is, also, very tall. At around six-three, he cuts an imposing figure. He is also lean and ripped (think - Olympic category swimmers).

His biggest asset is…well, you know. Proudly flag-poling at around 14 inches, he is the quintessential woman jelly-maker - somebody who turns women to pudding around himself (ladies reading this, please – it’s just a novel! :wink: Being around this tall, he has those rare 8-pack (instead of six packs).

The biggest irresistible characteristic however is, he has a Masters degree in Economics from Harvard (research yet to be done on the type of degree from Harvard, or whether I should be using Wharton/Cornell). He is also having his own software house and is quite (and I mean “really quite”) rich! Drives a ‘Pagani Zonda R’. Incidentally, it will be mentioned (just a passing mention - a one-liner or two, not more) that his software helps writers and publishers (wink).

Oh, by the way, though he lives in US of A, and has mansions across the world, his absolute favourite is the LOVE NEST that he uses for seducing women in Truro, Cornwall, in the UK (wink wink)

This astute and unbeatable combination of his impeccable education, money, ‘bad-boy’ good looks, an attitude to match, and his ‘family jewels/assets’ is what drives women crazy around him. But, make no mistakes, he is evil - through and through. He only thinks about his needs and wants. He does not ask – he takes! he snatches! and lays to waste many a womanly aspirations!

The protagonist here, is a University Professor. Meek, mild and having none of the charisma that our Keith has. Both are competing for the attention and love of the same woman. The professor, because he loves her. Keith, because it’s another notch in his belt. Let us see if the love interest of our protagonist falls for him or not – whether she attaches herself to a meaningful existence with the professor, or falls for our bad boy!! :wink:

And complicating this is the fact that his own sister, is in love with the same Professor!

My God! I cannot belive I am writing this soap opeara of an adult novel! But that’s what sells, I am assured. Along with large dollops of heavy, sweaty action!

Of course, in the end, there are surprises. And bigger surprises!

I’ll keep you updated.

Best Regards,

Zubin Garda

Hi Zubin,

I’m not sure whether to be flattered or very, very disturbed. :slight_smile:

My favourite part is this:

Because the only thing I have in common with Jude Law is this:


All the best,

Well, if you’re feeling awkward, I could remove “The Spear” part. :slight_smile: But I admit it gives a glint of dangerous edge to the character (we don’t get really mature readers in this genre, so it’s okay)

The LOVE NEST location was taken from your interview in…well, I forget, but or something like that.

THAT is where I saw your pics and the first thing I say to myself is – JUDE LAW! In the flesh!! You must’ve fended off a lot of women throwing themselves on you before marriage, I perceive, eh?

But, on a more serious note, do let me know if you’re okay with this. Apart from the people who read this, no one will really know, because as you know–all heavy novels are nowadays published with “Anonymous” as the author. Though occasionally, I will use a Nom de Plume…

And as I said, I’m skeleton-ing it right now. You can always tell me no. After all, it’s very easy to replace the character’s name now in Scrivener for Mac :slight_smile: through the entire project.

I was thinking of making him a bit more human – like he cries when the heroine goes off with the protagonist – instead of the relentless love-machine that I had originally intended him to be – but then audiences of ‘those’ type of books are not going to read it for the ‘emotional anchors’.

Or, if you’d rather, I can also swap you as the meek professor. THEN, you’d get the girl in the end. :wink:

Let me know how you want to roll. I’ll respect whatever you wish.

Best Regards,


Hi Zubin,

No, I think it’s funny, go for it. :slight_smile:

All the best,


I hope she gets sufficient warning; most girls aren’t into that sort of thing. Or so I’m told. By a friend. Well, an acquaintance really. :confused:

Do “naming rights” include free lifetime updates to Scriv and Scap?
Cuz we’re at a work on a novel now, and certain characters could
Easily become Keith, Kevin, or Ioa. The last smacks of certain villainy. :mrgreen: