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I downloaded Scrivener Windows version #3 when it first came out with no difficulties and have used the program. However, for the past week, I have had problems logging on, i.e., when I open the program on my laptop, I immediately see where I last left off. But then a little window pops up which says, “Could not establish connection to the License Server. Please try again.”

This happens irrespective of which internet search engine I’m using. If anyone can shed some light on the matter, I would much appreciate it.

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Hi Kevin!

This is strange. I just tried to disconnect entirely from the internet and started Scrivener. No complaints. And that’s what I would expect. After all, it should be possible to work offline. Perhaps the license management software checks whether there is an internet connection at all and if yes, then tries to contact the license server. In your case it apparently didn’t succeed (perhaps because of a fire wall?). That is how I figure how the licensing scheme works – not an L&L employee, though.

Perhaps someone of the L&L team could comment on it.

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I have had the same issue since updating to 3.0. I have tried all the suggestions but nothing worked. On accident, I noticed I only got the error “Could not establish connection to the License Server” -when I had an internet browser open. If I closed the browser - disconnected from the internet - the error would not occur and I was able to use Scrivener with no issue. I have learned to open Scrivener first and then go online to check email etc…

What that sounds like is that you have some sort of Internet security suite or browser plugin on your machine that is transparently proxying Internet connections when your browser is active, to the point where it’s not permitting the connection to the Paddle licensing service.

Hi Kevin and @cartharticyawn1, you may want to try disabling your antivirus software and your firewall for a moment, and then run Scrivener. That should allow it to connect to the license servers. You can then turn your antivirus and firewall back on and hopefully you won’t run into that error again.

If amickie’s instructions work, look into how to whitelist Scrivener in your AV/firewall that it knows not to keep scanning Scrivener. This will avoid a lot of future heartache.

I took a cross-country flight today, and was all settled in to work on my writing with Scrivener - several uninterrupted hours! Start it up and… it says “Can’t Connect with License Server” and shuts down.

It is fully licensed - just used it yesterday with no issue. But for some reason it won’t work if you’re not connected to the internet? And when I got to the hotel and connected to wifi it worked just fine.

This is just ridiculous. I’ve been a loyal customer for many years, and have no idea why it can’t just give me the license and be done with it. Or at least give you a week (or even a day in this case) without being connected to the internet.

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Please open a support ticket, here:

We can’t address licensing issues through the forum.