Connecting Multiple Scrivener Projects

I hope I’m not violating the " Don’t ask question here!" rule. :slight_smile:

I’m a scrivener Newbie. I’m working on a bunch of documents, many of which are connected. I’m a technical writer, and there are many individual documents which I’m creating that will eventually become part of a larger document.

Does anyone have any strategies for this type of project? Looking around it would seem that I would use the Categories function for this, but it appears that Categoeries are limited to one scrivener project.

Any one facing something similar? Any one willing to share experience on how there workflow deals with a similar issue?

If I understand correctly what you’re doing, I’d work on all your documents within one Scrivener project. After all, people write several related books within one overall project (there’s an author describing her procedures for such a project on this page:, so why not do the same with your documents?

Agreed, in general a “Project” is best used to encompass the realm of either a real-world project, or a number of projects that all use the same collective material together (such as the aforementioned series of novels, or a multi-season television show). The project format is capable of storing a lot of material, and suffers very little from quantity, when it comes to its organisation features.

But, if you must spread details out between multiple projects, there was a feature added in 2.4.1 which allows you to create an URL to an item within a project. You can right-click on an item in the Binder and select “Copy Document Link”. This will generate a special URL that looks something like this:


That will create a URL that can be placed into any context that takes a URL, even other programs. When clicked or activated, it will load the project in Scrivener (if necessary) and focus on the indicated item in the main editor.

You have to be careful when using these to choose a parking place for your project that you intend to keep. As you can see from the format of the URL, it addresses the project by its name and location. Change anything about that and the link will break (though it is relatively easy to fix if you need to).