Connecting Split Screen in Outliner

Hi there,

Is there a way to have the two panels respond to each other? So when I have the outliner opened in the left hand panel and click on a scene the full text appears in the right hand screen? At the moment the panels work independently of each other so I have to highlight a scene in the binder to appear in the right pane that corresponds with the scene in the outliner in the left hand panel.

Thanking you in advance,


Hi Rob:

Interesting you ask the question, as I’ve been looking for this and only discovered it myself yesterday.

When you’re in cork board or outline view there’s an icon on the footer bar that when activated opens the selection in the other editor (It’s a small square with a right pointing arrow). As you move around the outline or cork board the relevant document is opened. I don’t recall seeing it before 2.7 but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there :slight_smile:.

Hope that helps,


Brilliant! Exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks Richard.

We changed the icon in 2.7 to be a bit more intuitive (the old one had two arrows pointing in different directions), but yes this has been around since 2.0 was released. A very nice feature, I use it in many of my projects, some of which act more like a mail browser than the default Scrivener configuration. Another tip is to set things up so the Binder only loads things in the split you use for the outliner or whatever. That is View/Binder Affects. Now you don’t have to pay attention to which editor is active before using the Binder.