Connecting to the dictionary I customized for my last book

Hi. When writing my first book on Scrivener, I set up a whole bunch of auto corrections. Now I’m onto my 2nd book, how do I connect to that first customized dictionary? I imagine it will be straight forward, once I know how. Can some kind soul guide me please.

Hi Gary:

By auto corrections, I assume you mean substitutions defined in Options -> Corrections

If that’s the case they carry over from one Scrivener project to another (incidentally, so do Personal Word Lists).

I’m using Scrivener 1.6 and on Windows and it works well.

Hope that helps,


Correct, Richard. Options -> Corrections

I realize from your reply that what I should probably be asking is…
How to copy the corrected dictionary over to a new computer (which is what I am now using)?
I still have access to the old computer.

I appreciate your time here, good buddy.



Now I’m with you. I had the same challenges moving from laptop to desktop and had to recreate manually :smiley:

My understanding from previous posts on the forum is that option settings including substitutions are managed in the Windows Registry. I do recall a posting about saving preferences but unfortunately I don’t remember the context and I’ve never had the courage to start messing with entries in the Registry!


Saving preferences is easy enough, there is a “Manage” button at the bottom of the window for exporting and loading .prefs files between computers. However this unfortunately does not include the substitution list. To my knowledge there is no easy way to do this yet.

Richard and Amber, thanks for posting.

Too bad if there is no easy way to copy over the substitutions I’ve already set up. I am doing all the saving for Scrivener to my Dropbox (or is it - both are free) online storage areas. I had hoped that by doing so the new computer would access them without the need for migration. Apparently this isnt happening.

Here’s hoping that the powers that be here at Scrivener will incorporate the needed change to accommodate easy migration to a new computer.


This will be fixed with the upcoming 1.7 update, so that the substitutions are included when saving the option settings.

As a caution though, this is not fully implemented in the current public beta, so I’d advise against installing that–there’s a bug that wipes out existing substitutions when the beta is installed, so you’ll want to avoid that. With the official update, you should be able to upgrade your current 1.6.1 installation to 1.7 and preserve the substitutions, then save your option settings and have those substitutions saved; you can then copy that file to your second computer and load the settings, as described here.

Brilliant, MM.

All that remains is to ask the next obvious question.

When is 1.7 coming out?

You knew I’d be asking that,

Soon. :smiley:

In seriousness, I don’t want to jinx us by giving a hard and fast date, as we’re still checking off this last batch of fixes, but it’s looking good. We expect 1.7. to be out before the current beta expires June 1st.

Great news.

I gathered from the foregoing that, because the Scrivener version I have is “ - 02 Jul 2014,” I could now (as AmberV cautioned in the pre-1.7 days that one could not) use the “‘Manage’” button at the bottom of the window for exporting and loading .prefs files [including the substitution list] between computers." Being naturally cautious, though, I checked the Manual, which referred me to the online change list [], which included the following: “Custom substitutions (added from the Corrections options) are now included when saving preferences and are also retained when resetting the default Options.” So I’m trying it out. Thank you, all.