Connection behind proxy

I just can’t connect anything thru scrivener behind my proxy.

I’m at one office and we need that kind of protection.

I’ve lost some functions like adding external Text from URL’s (Add web page) to my researchs, apart of updates and so on…

No solutions found! :frowning: i can’t type my proxy user or authentication in anyway with scrivener like i do with other software.

I do believe we have advanced proxy set-up on the list for the future. Right now to import web pages from behind a corporate proxy, you need to save them as HTML files out of your browser and then drag them into the project to import them.

yes, i know… but sometimes “saving” the web to static HTML from the browser produces some visualization problems or even lose some of the contents :frowning:

Yeah, that is unfortunate. Using the printable version of the web page when that is offered, helps a lot. Also sometimes it’s better to just print the page to PDF and import that (though some sites don’t work well with that technique either!) Honestly those kinds of sites will probably present problems with the Scrivener importer anyway, for the same reason that they are difficult to capture via saving to HTML. That’s all it is doing after all. It can’t do anything the browser can’t do if the server isn’t serving up content.