Connections between notes almost invisible

This is probably something super trivial. The screenshot should explain the problem: The connections are there, but barely visible.
I don’t know which setting I changed the wrong way, but I can’t seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated.
Thin connections.jpg

Connections use the default text colour for the board. From the screenshot, it looks like your text colour and the background colour are nearly the same.

To maintain the look you’re after but keep the connections visible, you could try switching the default text colour to something dark (maybe match the fill colour you’re using for the notes, if all notes use that same fill) but creating a note style that uses the dark fill colour and light text. Select your existing notes and use the inspector to change their text colour back to what you used to use as the default colour, then deselect all but one of the notes and choose Format > Note Style > New Note Style From Selection to save a new style that includes the text colour and fill colour. You can then apply that to new notes to update their colours. If you also enable “Use selected note style for new notes” in the general tab of Preferences, new notes you create while a note is selected will automatically inherit its styling, which will include the fill and text colours. (So for instance if you have a note selected and use Cmd-Ctrl-RightArrow to make a new connected note, it would pick up the first note’s style.)

If you’ve set new notes to have a dark fill colour by default, you probably want to clear that as well, unless the default text colour you set for the board is sufficiently different that you’ll still be able to read new notes that don’t inherit the style without first adjusting their colouring.

Oh, didn’t know that. Thanks.

And thanks for taking the time to write up that tip, I’m just too thick to get it to work. I’ll fiddle around with the text and background colors til it looks ok (I just feel at home in the old Tinderbox color scheme).