Consider Reversing Behavior of Quick Search Bar

I love the new features related to progress tracking. They are well implemented.

One suggestion is that the Quick-Search Bar show the progress stats all the time, and not just when the cursor hovers over it.

As it stands now, it displays the title of the current document, which is unnecessary because that same title is displayed at the top of the editor.

I’m hoping that you’ll tell me that there’s an option to select that behavior.


I’m also a big fan of the new progress tracking features. That said, I actually prefer the current implementation for the Quick Search Bar! I find that the blue progress indicators at the top (draft target) and bottom (session target) of the bar are enough information for me. If it displayed a constantly changing figure, I think I would be distracted by constantly checking to see my exact progress. As it is I have to mouse over the bar, and that’s enough to deter me from doing so regularly.

On the other hand, I agree that the repetition of the document title in the Quick Search Bar probably is a little redundant. I can’t say that I have really noticed it before, or that it will distract me, and I don’t have a suggestion for what might replace it as a text holder.

The title there shows you immediately which document in the UI is focussed.

Thanks Keith, that explains it! Should have spotted that’s the reasoning, I often have split editor activated