Considering iOS for Scriv. How do YOU use it?

Your iPhone 7 has 3GB RAM. and your iPad Air 2 has only 2GB. The 7’s processor is faster, but that’s probably not going to matter much when you’re network-speed bound. Instead, the speed increase likely comes from the fact that your 7 doesn’t have to temporarily move incoming large lumps of data to storage nearly as often, but gets to keep it in RAM until it’s fully processed.

OTOH, if whatever Dropbox is doing that slows down “Downloading file list” is an inefficient algorithm, the increased processor speed could play a bigger role. It’s hard to tell without tools to see what part of the process is taking the most time.

I was chastised in a private message – the iPhone 7 has 2GB and the iPhone 7 Plus has 3 GB. :blush: Assuming that you in fact have the 7 and not the 7 Plus, then in my days as a maintenance programmer I’d have been looking at Dropbox’s algorithms very closely. Your significant speed-ups are the processor speed, increasing from 1.5 to 2.85 GHz, an increase in number of cores from 3 to 4, and some increase in RAM speed. This all points to a process that is more limited by processor speed than by network or storage speed which is a red flag. Network speed is so much slower that it should be the limiting factor, followed by storage speed.

Out of curiosity, is the speed-up more obvious in the “downloading file list” or in the actual file downloads?

Silverdragon, Thanks for the info and the clarifications, which I regret involved any sort of chastisement. :cry:

To be clear, I have the iPhone 7 Nonplussed, so I guess 2GB,

The iPhone 7 is most notably faster in the “downloading file list” AND the “finishing up” phases. On the iPad Air 2, the latter in particular sometimes feels like a child being called for bedtime, “Just another minute, Mom!” :slight_smile:


The “chastisement” was very friendly and courteous ; I endure worse from my editor, with whom I have an excellent working relationship. :smiley:

Yep, processor-limited. Based on the symptoms from the threads complaining about Dropbox slowdown some months ago, I’d bet on a recursive algorithm of some sort – elegant and seductive, they use very little code, but suck up memory and processor cycles like a son-of-a-gun, and take exponentially more machine resources as the data set to be processed gets larger. I learned to only use them when I knew in advance that the data set I’d be processing was very small and even then I’d be better off to use an iterative algorithm instead, because you never know…

I don’t want to start an OS war, but I used the iPad Air for three weeks then took it back (three cheers for Costco’s return policy). I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5e instead.

I kept an open mind, but for me, the limitations of iOS outweighed the ability to used Scriv on the iPad.

Thank you for posting this.

I have a 6th generation iPad (most recent 9.7 model) and LOVE writing on Scrivener iOS. I’ve had my best sessions on there recently, mostly because I find it’s easier to stay focused. It’s also very convenient when I’m out and about to pull out my phone and add an idea to the notes on my WIP. Which brings me to my next thought…

Does anyone know if the Scrivener team is working on an iOS update with more compile options. With the iPad Pro getting better and better I’m considering getting one instead of upgrading my MacBook in the next couple of years. I primarily publish in MOBI format and love how macOS Scrivener can essentially get the full MOBI file ready for proofing before uploading to publisher. This convenience factor would hold me back from going full iPad but if there is an iOS update on the way I’d love to invest in an iPad Pro in the future. Just seeing if anyone’s heard.

Also, I love the macOS Scrivener for composition as well, just find my rhythm better in iOS.

The L&L team have said multiple times that they do not publish roadmaps or release dates, so you should probably make your purchasing decisions based on what the programs are capable of at the time you are ready to purchase your new hardware.

I apologize if my question was redundant. Searched for this topic and couldn’t find it anywhere in the forum. Just wondering if people heard, that’s all. Sorry if I annoyed you.

No annoyance on my part! The question (and variations) are becoming more frequently heard, and it would be nice if it was on a FAQ of some sort, so I was trying to be as economical and clear with my answer as I could be to avoid giving false hope.

The reason they are becoming ‘more frequently heard’ is because the IOS version hasn’t been updated since December 2017.

They are heard because people actually do want someone to know that yes, they are frustrated at that, and that yes, not being able to compile to mobi on the ipad, not having scrivenings mode, not having iCloud backup etc are things they care about.

Whether anyone takes any notice is by-the-by. It’s a forum. Many people want to express those views. They don’t want to read an FAQ that says ‘We will tell you nothing about our plans’.

So how do you suggest that L&L inform users about their policy not to inform about any plans they might have? To say nothing or to say that they don’t reveal any plans?

Minor point, we do have iCloud backup, What we don’t have is iCloud synch which is an Apple issue not L&L.

If people are annoyed that the extremely stable and useable iOS Scrivener hasn’t had amazing bells and whistles added in 18 months or about, how annoyed must they be that Win 10 hasn’t had any real enhancement other than fixes and security in 4 years? :smiley: