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Does anyone here write across multiple PC’s and two different platforms, Mac and PC? Using a cloud solution for storage is it reliable to do so with Scrivener?

Many folks do… Search the forum for “dropbox” and “cloud storage” to see the “best practices” as recommended by the L&L staff.

Only bizarre warning, it doesn’t work across platforms if your project involves Chinese. Not directly L&L’s fault — a difference in the way Qt on the PC and Apple code for the Chinese area on UTF-8 — but a comparatively esoteric something that I hope they will find a way round in the end.

Mr X

I switched to Mac just this January from PC and have been using the Windows version since it was in beta. Now have the Mac version. Lovin’ it, but I still do fiddle with the Windows version from time to time (in both Win7 via Parallels and Wineskin/Wine). I backup my projects via Google Docs. I’ve shared my projects effortlessly between the Win and Mac versions, although I do prefer doing all the work in Mac much more than I like working in the Windows version (the Dictionary and Thesaurus built in to OS X is beyond wonderful).

Please note that we do not recommend Google Drive for storage of live Scrivener projects. It’s fine for backups, but doesn’t seem to handle Scrivener’s rapid updates and frequent saves very well. You also have to be careful because it is prone to “helpfully” converting all the RTF files in your project to Google Docs format, thereby rendering them unreadable to Scrivener. :open_mouth:


And if you’re looking for a good deal, TUAW has Scrivener on sale right now for just $20…

I back them up as zip files only. I guess that’s why I’ve never had a problem with it.

Yeah, ZIP files are fine.

The potential issues happen if you’re working on a project stored in Google Drive. Apparently its upload/synch cycle isn’t fast enough to keep up with Scrivener’s frequent saves. (Not a connection speed issue. The same computer at the same location works fine with Dropbox.)