Considering Scrivener for project with heavy footnotes, bibliography, and images

I’m undertaking a large project with lots of footnotes, citations and bibliography. There will also be a many images. Previous projects I used Word for grunt text gathering, and InDesign to put it all together. (Before that I’ve used LaTeX.) I know there’s a demo version, but even that is no small time investment, so I thought I’d just ask what y’all Scrivener gurus have to say first. THANKS!

Scrivener is excellent for the actual outlining/writing/editing phase, merely adequate for final formatting. Especially for this sort of complex layout, you will probably want to finish the project in either InDesign or LaTeX. However, Scrivener works well with LaTeX in particular. Besides evaluating the trial version, you might want to pay particular attention to the sections on Markdown in the manual, and perhaps pay a visit to the Markdown section of this forum.

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