Considering Using iCloud Drive?

Think twice before you update!

Been using it on my iMac and iPad … all okay so far.

You have Yosemite installed on your iMac?

Although I have upgraded my iOS devices to iOS 8, I deliberately chose to delay switching from iCloud to iCloud Drive because of the lack of support on Mavericks. Everything that I have read about it (unlike most tech issues, there were no dissenting voices) has indicated that iCloud Drive will not work on Mavericks and that will isolate all Mac-apps that rely on iCloud from their iOS equivalents.

I’m grumpy at Apple, for the inconvenience (it has already impacted one of my favourite apps), especially since Windows is supported. I just need to trust that the pain of the change will be worth it in the end. To Apple’s credit, their success rate is high, so I remain hopeful (just don’t remind me about the so-called “upgrades” to Pages and Keynote last year).

Apologies for not being clear.

Yes, the beta version. Been very stable. Had an issue with a Canon scanner at first, but an update from Canon the other day fixed that. I really like the new look and tighter integration with iOS.

Hmm. I upgraded my iPhone in the hope that it would be less flaky than under iOS7, and that seems to be the case, but I must have missed the iCloud drive thing because my calendar and my contacts won’t sync for the moment, so it’s a pain in the butt!

Fortunately, I’ve been using Dropbox to sync 1Password, so that’s alright there. But I still toy with the idea of the Yosemite beta as a way round the issue … though that would mean my calendar will no longer sync with my wife’s.

And will I be able to get her to upgrade to Yosemite when it appears … that’s another question!

Mr X

Like Briar Kit, I am using Yosemite Beta on my Macs and it seems stable and all of my software runs fine - though of course that does not mean that all software will be OK.

I also have IOS8 on an Ipad and Icloud Drive syncs between that and the Macs - not particularly fast yet, but it works.

I also have an older Iphone on IOS 6 and Calendar and Contacts continue to sync through Icloud (not Icloud Drive) with the Yosemite and IOS8 machines.As I understand it Icloud Drive, is just one Icloud service and the element that does need Yosemite/IOS 8.

But I have not tried Calendar and Contact syncing the other way round, between IOS8 and Mavericks. But I guess that, in principle, it should work?

All best


Good to know.

May I ask the age of your Mac? I have an ageing MacBook Pro (late 2008) so although it falls within the official specs for Yosemite, it won’t run all the bells and whistles. I’m a little concerned it might start to run like a bicycle in treacle. Mavericks is already pushing the poor thing to the edge - the recent update seems to have introduced a few unpleasantries including the occasional complete system hang. It’s almost like running Panther again. :unamused:

To check iCloud Drive on your iOS devices, go to Settings → iCloud and check the item titled “iCloud Drive”. If it says. “Off” well, there’s your answer. If it doesn’t say “Off” then you can tell me what the alternative is because I’m not game to try until I have Yosemite. :wink:

iCloud syncing of calendar, contacts and reminders between iOS and Mavericks is working fine for me.

Hi Nom

We have a MacBook Pro and an iMac in the house, both with 4 GB of RAM, and both bought in April 2008.

Both machines have been upgraded to Yosemite and both are running very well. When I installed the new operating system, I did clean installs by wiping the hard drives and then restoring documents from Time Machine backups.

Both machines run faster today than they did when they were bought in 2008, although the MacBook Pro has a temperamental ‘n’ key. They are easier to use, given the close collaboration with iOS; and native apps such as Safari, Messages, Pages, and Numbers are better than what we had in 2008.

We haven’t had any system hangs with Yosemite, though Mail did freeze on the MacBook Pro the other day and the program needed to be restarted: something to do with a troublesome Gmail password, we think, given that Gmail needed the password to be re-entered twice after the restart.

Thanks Briar Kit, I’m starting to look forward to it now. :smiley: