Consistency & a little more control in Compose View

This is a pretty small one, but hopefully easy to do (and I haven’t seen it posted elsewhere).

I’d like to see more consistency in the Compose (full screen) view. Specifically, I love having my Project Targets up all the time… and the fact that it’s not a black window, like the Inspector, bugs the heck out of me.

Also, I’d really love to have one more pane on the Inspector (in Compose view), or possibly another popup: A simplified outline view. I find not being able to hop around in the document kind of limiting (granted, I can use the Goto menu… but it’s hard because my book is large and deep… and even so, that’s not quite what I’m looking for. When I’m working on a chapter, I use a “hoisted” Binder, so I get a very compact view of the chapter and sections. This would be great in Compose view because it helps to give me some context, and makes it easy to hop forward/backward several sections to see what I wrote elsewhere. Using alt-cmd-UP and alt-cmd-DN really doesn’t work, since I can’t always recall how far to hop.

Unfortunately, the targets window has to be one or the other - it can be a black HUD panel or a grey utility panel. There’s no way to switch it between the two.

Compose mode is generally intended for just that - composition - so adding an outline would be a major undertaking and take it a little beyond its scope. Have you tried using Lion’s full screen mode for this? I work in Lion’s full screen mode almost exclusively now, except when I am just composing (then I use Compose mode).

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A shame about the window color… It’s really a distraction. sigh

Yes, I do use the Lion full screen mode. It’s great for some thing, but it’s not as nice as the compose mode for clearing the mind. I understand your point of view – and will likely keep using both, just depending on my mood at the time. :wink:

The Composition Mode lets the user to zoom in and out / choose the scale of the text.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose the scale of the Comments/Footnotes text inside the panel of the inspector. After a while, the huge difference between the 2 can really hurt the eyes.

Could you manage to enable this option?
(especially in composition view, because there is no other text to focus on, just the big text of the central editor, and the small letters inside the inspector…

Thanks for this medical post!

Try updating to version 2.4, which was released yesterday. :slight_smile: