Consistent Font Style for Editing

Hello, quick question. I would like to have a consistent test style for editing that differs from my writing style and I would like to be able to switch back and forth between the two. For example. I write a scene in courier font size twelve in black and I would like to make edit marks in optima size fourteen in red and highlighted green (festive colors lessen the blow to my ego). My problem, I save both styles and then I write the scene in one, switch styles and begin editing but when I change the placement of my cursor the style jumps back to my writing style and does not stay set on my editing style. I want to know how to keep the style set on editing without it jumping back to writing and at the same time, have the scene maintain its original style. Mouthful I know, but I hope someone can understand my rant and help me out. Thanks in advance!


Have you tried using the annotation feature for your editing notes? This is precisely what the feature is designed for—making notes to yourself right in the document itself. By default it gets switched to bright ride, and with a circle drawn around the text. The font won’t change automatically, but I find the red and outliner circle do well enough to set it apart from everything else. Annotations are nice because (a) You can tell the compiler to omit them; no need to go through and clean everything up; be sloppy (b) You can make them less obvious by using the Ghost Notes feature, letting your focus remain on the content.

My guess is you are going to have a rough time using the method you have described, because the scripting system uses the style system, and you are trying to use the style system on top of that to do something else entirely. Annotations doesn’t use the style system, so you can write those notes anywhere you like without worry.

I did try the annotations method, and of course you’re right that it is better especially for the compiling process (anything to appease my lathargic side :wink: ) but I still get the same problem. I have to set annotation each time (it’s not really that hard to hit cmd shit A but if theres something I’m missing then why not ask). So if I write an annotation after a sentence, then scroll down and go to write another annotation I have to activate annotations. Basically, I would like to know if there is a way to keep annotations activated until I say otherwise. If there isn’t it’s no biggie, I just want to know before I go ahead and assume otherwise :smiley:.

Oh and by the way, I had never used the ghost notes mode, very nice! Thank you.


Ah, yes, I see what you are getting it! True, there really is nothing currently provided which will create a “sticky” format mode. This will be partially rectified in version 2.0 due out later this year. There will be essentially five “revision pens” you can choose from which will make it so that whenever you type it will come out in a certain colour (though not a font switch, again). These colours can be assigned to five revision levels, and then searched for later on. Unfortunately they are just colour settings though, and thus will end up in compile, so they lack that utility. The announcement for this feature was here

But the idea of having an “annotation pen” like that, where the mode stayed sticky is an interesting one. Certainly very useful when one is going through their project in an edit frame of mind. I guess I’ve just become so used to hitting Cmd-Shift-A that it no longer even registers as an action any longer. :slight_smile:

No worries, my fingers will soon become used to cmd shift a (thanks Vic-K!) as well! I have just used other programs in the past for editing, and not Scrivener, but now, I decided to give it a shot. Thanks for the quick feedback, I get so excited when dings and growl says that someone already posted a reply on my forum post :smiley:. Once again, thanks for the tips and the help, you the best!