Consolidate Layout Functionality

Right now on Scrivener for Mac options to change the current layout are under the View… menu while saved layouts and the layout manager are under the Window… menu.

Please pick one or the other for Scrivener for Mac 3.0 .

Features that change the window shape and disposition, in some form of workflow related adjustment are located in the Window menu, along with other like commands. I’ve never seen those kinds of things under the View menu, which is where all of the things that change the options inside of a window go. Granted, Layouts are a bit of a hybrid in that they impact both the internal options and the window shape, but given what little precedent we do have (Adobe tools mainly) for features like this, it is established to put the overarching workspace utility in Window, even if those things it impacts are far ranging aspects of the software beyond that menu (I think Adobe’s even goes into keyboard shortcuts and which things you see in the menus and palettes themselves).

Ok. If window is the right place, please put it all there. Maybe it violates UI guidelines but surely splitting a feature between two different menus is worse. It doesn’t make sense to create layouts in one place and manage then in another does it?