Conspicuous Link to Current Release Notes Please !!!


Could you all

(A) direct me to the current release notes for Version: (1274647) 64-bit - 28 Apr 2021

(B) put up a conspicuous link on your site for the release notes so people have some clue where to find it?

If it turns out that I’m the only one who doesn’t know and it’s already conspicuous someplace obvious, could you point out where I’m missing it, 'cause I’ve looked on the product page, the main titles of the forum list, at the bottom of the page, pretty much everywhere I can think of and I just don’t see it. I know you have one. I used to have a link that worked when it was still in beta. Not ideal, but I could at least find it.



Of course, the absolute moment I hit ENTER, I spotted a link to it in the Help menu in the product.

But could you add one on the site too? :slight_smile:



And BTW, for anybody who gets this post in search, here’s the link: … os=Windows

They are linked from the main product page, at the very bottom, near the download/buy buttons, as “Release Notes”, in bright red. They are also linked to from the main download page as “Previous Versions”, since that is where you can downgrade to the previous version if need be. There is also a Site Map link at the bottom, which lists all the major sections (including release notes).

I looked at the top/bottom of the page to try and find it-- but didn’t think to look in “Site Map”. In any case, I did eventually stumble across it in the help menu, which is a reasonable place to keep it. I just like knowing what’s coming up in the improvements-- seeing what you all have been working so hard to fix and improve…

Thanks for the reply !!!