Conspiracy Theory #2

Is there anyone here who used to watch “The Prisoner”?
Number 2 = KB
Number 6 = AmberV
But who is Number 1…?

Which would all suggest that the Scrivener community is all actually just a complex construct designed to keep AmberV trapped in perpetuity?

“I am not a number. I AM A FREE MAN!”

As in most hierarchies, Number One is an entity whose character, power, intent, location, and even existence can be inferred but never truly known. (cf Old Testament, Bush43 Administration, Goldman Sachs, et al)

And we all know KB’s position on #1. If it was there it would use the username “turtle”.

Hi KB. :slight_smile: :open_mouth:

To claim membership in any secret society is, de facto, to admit you do NOT belong; members are known only to other members, and that only on a limited basis.

To claim a leadership position in such society is doubly deceitful. The man is a charlatan.

You have been duped again by the mess media.