Constant Freezes (beachballs)

I just purchased Scapple and started using it, which turns out to be painful because the app is freezing for minutes at a time regularly! Sometimes I have no choice but to do a forced Quit and then the app cannot be restarted until i rebooted the machine… Really frustrating…

Is this a known issue or is there a way to solve it?


If it is beach-balling for one Scapple project / file, it sounds as if there is an issue with that file—perhaps a large imported image or something similar.

If it is beach-balling for different Scapple projects / files, it sounds as if there is an issue with the program itself.

In the second case, I would delete Scapple, restart the Mac, grab a fresh download of the latest build (or download again from the Apple App Store), and reinstall.


Briar Kit

A very old thread, I know, but nonetheless: Just downloaded Scapple to my brand new 8-core MacBook Pro — and I repeatedly keep experiencing minute-long freezes (where the entire Mac is held up — no switching apps, no opening menus — not even a spinning ball until after a couple of frustrated efforts to click something or hit a key, at what point the ball will appear for the remainder of the downtime.)

This is sometimes (but not always) related to UNDOing, perhaps more likely when the undo includes a change of note formatting. But it has also appeared while doing regular work — again, seemingly most often when changing the formatting of a note. Or soon after.
To put things in perspective, frequency-wise, I downloaded the app this morning (1.3.4) and have since experienced about a dozen freezes — this after playing around with the app for only a couple of hours. So it’s decidedly way too often to be able to shrug it away…


(Also, seeing as how the app splash-screen reserves copyright up until 2019, and how some on this forum seem to complain about unfixed stuff: Is it too late in the lifespan of this app to pay for it? Scapple does a MUCH better job for writing-related work IMO than others I have tried — like iThoughtsX or MindNode — but I wouldn’t want to commit to an app that’s slowly about to show itself out the door… Anyone here knows the status on that?)