Constant Spellcheck[BUG LOGGED]

As I write, every word is underlined as misspelled immediately, until I finish typing out the word. For example, if I’m typing the word “type,” it is underlined as soon as I write the TY, and the P, and only stops being underlined when I complete the word.

Not sure this is a bug, exactly–but it’s really annoying! It would be preferable if the words were only underlined after the cursor has moved on!


I’m not sure if the behavior is a bug myself, but it can be turned off by going into Edit -> Options -> Auto-Correct and turning off the options to “Check Spelling While Typing”. Unfortunately this will eliminate ALL red underlines, so it will only check the spelling of the document when you ask it to run the spell check.

Which beta version are you running?

I’m running 1.3 and can’t duplicate this behavior.

Well it does the same for me, and I am DEFINITELY running 1.3. It also happens on both computers, provided that “Check Spelling While Typing” is activated. I made you an animated gif so you can see exactly what I mean.

You will notice the red line comes and goes but doesn’t stay gone until the word is complete and correct. I suppose Se and Sere are words in the dictionary and thats why the red line vanishes briefly at those points.

I have this as well. It bugged me for a while, but now I hardly notice it. That is a fun shiny GIF animation though to show what it does. Good word, too.

Thanks for the animated gif - that helped :slight_smile:

I’ve had a few users complain that the spell checker is too aggressive with the underlining. I will look into how we might sedate the little sucker.


The red line also bothers me. I’m glad it’s been addressed.