(CONT'D) next to Character

I searched around, but I didn’t find a straight answer for MacOs Scrivener 3 (my fault). Sorry if this was already asked before, but is there a way to automatically get (CONT’D) next to characters continuing dialogue after action?

It’s one of the AutoComplete options. If you type the name of the character in the normal way, then a space and (C then a popup will appear with (CONT’D) as an option. Press ENTER and it will be filled in and you’ll be taken to the dialogue. If you want a parenthetical after the (CONT’D) then just press TAB twice instead.

There are other autocompletions available — go to Format > Scriptwriting > Settings > Character > Autocompletion to see the list. You can add your own.


I mean screenwriting softwares automatically add (CONT’D) if the same character speaks after an action, and automatically remove (CONT’D) if the writer removes the second dialogue.

Then no, I’m not aware Scrivener can do that.