Content gone

I installed Scrivener Gold Version on my Mac running on Leopard.
I did Copy and Paste the content and notes, filling in the tags and saved all the time.
After starting the Mac on a new day i had to see, that the content and the notes of about 60 of 85 cards are gone. Only the synopsis and tags remained.
In the filepackage there are only the 25 remaining cards inside.

Can someone help me in this case or is it a new problem?

Just so you know, Scrivener Gold is not officially supported. It’s ancient beta/prototype software for the current version. I don’t even think you can download it any more. So it is strictly use at your own risk, especially on Leopard; development stopped years ago.

The current version is actively supported. If you intend to do any serious work, I would recommend using the publicaly available version. I have not heard of your problem happening before, but it sounds a bit like what people sometimes experience if they have two different versions of Scrivener installed, and try to open a Project with one and then the other. But if that is not the case, it could just be a Leopard thing.