Contents list in ePub file

Having made a reasonably successful Kindle version of a collection of stories, I now move on to try an ePub version.

The contents list appears, but isn’t hyperlinked - is this normal?

The cover isn’t showing…?

The word ‘Cover’ appears, as does the title page - but the title page is simply run-on text, not on a separate page. Same with the titles of the stories.

Is this all normal for ePub? If not, how should I change the formatting settings?

What are you using to preview the ePub file? Some of the stuff you describe (run-ons instead of section breaks, hyperlinks) are things I’ve seen in some software packages. Adobe Digital Editions is a free viewer that does a pretty good job of displaying ePub files on a computer. Calibre should be showing hyperlinks, but if I recall correctly its default view settings do blur over section breaks.

I’m looking at it in Stanza, which I’d suppose would be the commonest program readers would use.

The last time I checked - which was, admittedly, some time ago - Stanza only had very basic formatting facilities, so it’s possible that’s the problem here (certainly Stanza didn’t show the cover page the last time I checked). The best program for testing .epub files, I find, is Adobe Digital Editions, which can be installed for free from this page:

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Ah, tried it in Calibre and it looks fine. Thanks.