Contents of inspector?


Maybe this is because I have started using the Scrivener beta after Scrivener Gold, but I really miss not having my notes and synopsis right next to my text. In order to access them both in the beta, I have to constantly hit cmd-3 and cmd-4. It would be really lovely if the inspector could keep the synopsis visible at the top and then flip between notes, keywords and references at the bottom.

Since there is probably a shortage of cmd-number key commands, perhaps cmd-3 and cmd-4 could be used to shuffle forwards and backwards through notes / keywords / references.

To be honest, I do not really understand the distinction between metadata and support material. Also, it is worth noting that I really have not grasped the use of keywords so I may be missing the value of having them available with the synopsis.

Just my 2c…


Hi David,

You are not alone; his has been discussed in some depth. I humbly ask you to wait for beta 3, as this may go some way towards addressing your issues.