context menu .. add file, add folder places objects at root

When I right click on Draft or Research in Binder there is a context menu which pops up.

If I then choose Add New Text or Add New Folder I would normally expect these new objects to be added as children of the highlighted parent Draft or Research container. Instead the file or folder objects are placed at root level and I have to drag the objects into their correct place.

I don’t experience this if I right click on a child folder below root level … it only occurs on right clicking Draft or Research.

Is this normal usage or just a quirk of the Linux version?

I don’t know what version of scrivener you are using, but I have recently installed the latest version and I don’t have this problem.

Version beta in use on Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit.

However I’ve just checked again and that quirk only applies when I right click on a closed folder (Draft or Research) to Add Text. Works as expected if the Draft or Research are open.

Based on what you said about the problem only happening when you click on a closed folder I rechecked and found I do actualy have the same problem. But also when the folders are open it still adds the new folder to the root. I just hadn’t noticed it. Adding text works fine either way.

I have no idea if this is usual in scrivener of if it’s a linux version issue. Hmm