Context Menu - Click Scrivener Link and it Disappears

I’ve noticed that when I try to add a Scrivener Link in my work:

  1. Right Click in Editor Space
  2. Hover cursor over “Scrivener Link >”

I tend to automatically click on “Scrivener Link >”, because in my mind, that tells the program I want the sub-context menu to show now (even though I know that if I hover long enough, it’ll show up eventually).

However, whenever I click, the sub-context menu sort of blinks in-and-out of view, and then I have to stop myself and hoooover and wait for it to display again.

This doesn’t happen with the other context menus (the Editor > Right-Click > Spelling or Binder -> Right-Click on Text/Folder -> Add / Open / Label / Status). My habit of automatically clicking on the menu options I know will have submenus (indicated by the >) brings up the submenu and makes it stay there… all except when adding a Scrivener Link.

All of my projects has this weird behavior. It’s no biggie to stop and hover, but it’s really not what I expect and disrupts something I do automatically, so it’s kind of driving me a little batty. Is there some sort of refresh going on (iterating through out my binder structure?) that’s making it disappear when I click? Would it be possible to make it stop blinking out when I click?