Context menu on full-screen/composition mode


I’m using Scriv on Mac OS (Sierra 10.12.1), on a Macbook Pro (Mid 2012). I’m experiencing odd-behaviour when using the context menu to highlight words (for dictionary look-ups, spelling, etc). When in composition mode/full-screen, using the trackpad, a three-finger tap will usually bring up a dictionary definition of a word - this works fine when not in composition mode. A two-finger tap (equivalent to right-click), will bring up the context menu, but when I choose “look up [word]”, nothing appears. As soon as I click again or change focus, the definition briefly flashes up (thus suggesting that it is there, but not visible).

By the way, I’ve been using Scriv for a few years now, and loving it - it’s changed my writing life. Thank you all! :slight_smile:

This is a service provided by Apple on visible text across most programs, and in recent times they have stopped checking to make sure it works properly with software that supports older systems. You should find its reliability improves once we switch to using the newer frameworks in the future. In the meanwhile, I’ve found it works better if I use the keyboard shortcut instead of the track pad: Ctrl-Cmd-D. That also works not only for pointing at words, but also while typing, so there is a distinct advantage there.

Thanks - that makes sense. Strangely, the trackpad option does work sometimes, but it’s useful to have a keyboard backup. Anyway, as I said, not a big deal - but glad to hear it’ll be sorted at some point.

Yeah that’s my experience as well, it is definitely a “reliability” thing rather than something that can be easily said to never work here and always work there. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I get the “flash and vanish” behaviour, sometimes it comes back in the same session after using Cmd-Tab between programs.

Good - I’m glad it’s not just a symptom of a malfunctioning brain! :slight_smile: