Context menu past insists on selecting text

When I right-click to cut and past with the context menu, I can select text and cut it, but when I go to paste it in another location, the application insists on selecting the word next to the insertion point. I can move the cursor, then use Ctrl-V to past, but the app should let me paste without replacing text if I want to use the mouse only.

I assume you mean pasting with tool tips, and I replicated this. It seems impossible to right-click into a single space in order to paste. It is easier to right-click on a blank line to paste in, but not mid-sentence, or even mid-paragraph. In close proximity to words, a right-click highlights an adjacent word for spelling purposes.

I always use the short cuts so I never attempted before now.

That’s probably a QT artefact, and it might be something that can be changed in the kit configuration. I seem to recall an option for that in KDE. Count me in as one that never noticed though. It wasn’t until 2007 that I even realised “Copy” and “Paste” were even in the contextual menu. :slight_smile: