Contextual menus in corkboard view

Here’s some behavior I don’t understand:

I have a bunch of cards on the corkboard. I click on one of them to select it, and its border turns blue. Then I control-click on it to bring up the contextual menu and change its label. The labels are listed in the sub-menu, but no item has a checkmark next to it even if the card does have a label already. However, I can select a label and it is applied to the card.

On the other hand, if I try to change the status, all the statuses in the sub-menu are grayed out and cannot be set (or changed).

It seems to me that:

  1. the current label or status should already be checked in the sub-menu (though this is not absolutely essential), and
  2. it certainly should be possible to change the status in the same way that it’s possible to change the label.

Am I missing something?


With #2, you likely do not have the status stamps visible. The meta-data that you wish to edit must be visible before you can edit it. To turn stamps on, either go to the View menu, under Index Cards, choose Show Stamps…. You should see labels “stamped” to the cards, now. If you try right-clicking again, the contextual menu should work.

As for the missing checkmark, that is a good point. That should probably be there. I notice the drop-down in the Inspector has one.

Thanks, Amber.

I notice that the same thing is true in outline view: the contextual submenu doesn’t have a checkmark.

Keith, can we have checkmarks? This seems to be the logical (and usual) behavior for a drop-down pick list of this sort.

I also would really like the ability to set metadata via contextual menus even if it isn’t displayed. (Otherwise what’s the point of having the “Label” or “Status” item even in the contextual menu?) I may not want my status “stamped” visibly on my index cards but still want to be able to view it and change it via the contextual menu.


Checkmarks added for 1.01. Actually, I’d already written the code, but I had just forgotten to connect something in Interface Builder so the code just wasn’t getting called.

Awesome, thanks . . . I was hoping it was something that simple!