... Continuation dots

Hi. I’ve noticed that when using continuation dots as in…

‘I was going to say…’ but was interrupted.

In Scrivener on iMac the number of dots (full stops if you like) is limited to two maximum, after which the dots gather up together and look unsightly. When writing, I limit these continuation dots to two, but I can see no reason why Scrivener doesn’t allow more than two. For the dots to gather up together looks more like a bug to me…
Any comments?

Perhaps: Edit → Substitutions → Smart Dashes and Ellipses

Continuation dots (ellipses) are conventionally formed from three dots.


Your three dots are being replaced by the ellipsis character — whose precise appearance depends on the font you are using. As already noted, you can turn this automatic replacement function off.

An ellipsis character is a standard character in the font table. Most typefaces have them. They do always seem scrunched up though (agreed), because the three points are [often] made to fit within one em. In some domains of publication there is a practice of putting intervening spaces between each dot of the ellipsis, for a very spread out look. The ellipsis character would look even more out of place in such an environment!


Looking through Font Book on a Mac, there are fonts that have ellipses that are longer (or shorter) than em dashes. So if the OP wants a ‘loose’ ellipsis, they could take a look at the fonts available. For example …


Hi gr
I’m assuming that it just so happens that in 12 point Courier New font the ellipsis looks rubbish!
I’ll stick to two full stops and a space, it looks better. I’ll let the publisher sort it out!
Thank you for your help… (Ooops, did it again there!)

But @SWM pointed you to where you can turn the auto replacement off:

Edit → Substitutions → Smart Dashes and Ellipses

That seems a better solution than doing something unorthodox that may likely require manual labor later (for someone).


And, yes, I guess the ellipsis character in Courier sort of has to look lousy in order to fit the constraint of being a monospace font.


Hi gr
Just turned off smart eclipses.
It is much better.
Thanks for your help!
… BJ