Continue Numbering: separated lists


I have a two numebered list separated by text paragraphs, is it possible to continue numbering the 2nd list ?

I do not know of a way to start a numbered list, enter a paragraph, then continue a numbered list, but you can “interrupt” a list with paragraph content and it will adjust and properly maintain numbering before and after, i.e.:

  1. list item
  2. Click “Format > List > None” or hit your “Backspace” key to get out of the list
  3. list item

Then enter your paragraph text:

  1. list item
    The the list will renumber and you will be able the enter text with whatever formatting you want, be it paragraphs or even another numbered list
  2. list item

You can also select items in a list and click “Format > List > None” and it will revert those items to normal paragraphs and resync the numbering after, accordingly.