Continued weirdness

I’ve been having problems using my Scrivener file over an ethernet connection between my iMac and my laptop. The file lives on my PowerBook (Tiger) and when I open it on my iMac (Leopard) it gets really funky. Every time I enter even a single character, and then save, I get unceremoniously dumped into the finder. Go back, do a save, same thing happens.

What’s really odd, is that this behavior seems to only happen on my administrative account, but NOT another I set up just for writing. I’ve check all the File Sharing settings and Security settings on both machines, and they seem to be fine, but perhaps I’m missing something.

Any thoughts?


Have you tried resetting your preferences on the troublesome account? First export preferences to a safe place, then delete “com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist” from ~/Library/Preferences, restart Scrivener, and test to make sure the problem went away. Then you can load your saved preferences to get everything back the way you want it.