Continuity of the beta

A question for the powers that be: as a start using the product and love it, I’m going to sink significant amounts of time in customization. I suspect the answer to the following question to be yes, but wanted to check: is there guaranteed to be a continuous stream of betas until you finally release the product? The current version expires at the end of this month; will we see a v13 before then?

Many thanks for the fine product,

We’ve had a new Beta before expiration for every Beta release to date. While that’s no guarantee, I think you can count on the devs to continue to get this one right.

However, be aware that the currently recommended procedure for upgrading from one beta version to the next is to uninstall the previous, then install the new. Before going into a lot of work customizing the beta, make sure you’re comfortable with the steps required to backup and restore what customizations you can as part of this process.

Yes, you can be sure there will be a new version soon enough before the previous one expires.