Continuous freezing

I thought it was my computer maybe, so I closed out every other program, it still froze, and no other programs are freezing up. :confused:
It’s just really random.
Sometimes it happens right when I expand the window from doing something else.
Sometimes it’ll freeze up with no other programs running while I’m typing.
Sometimes it freezes immediately upon starting up.
Is there a fix? Or is this something I’ll have to deal with?

It would help if you could give us more info: which version of Windows, which version of Scrivener, etc. Without that kind of information it’s very difficult to work out what might be happening.

I’m on a Mac, so I can’t really comment on Windows, and will leave it to the team and fellow forum members to come in, but in all cases, the more specific information you can give, the easier it is to help find a solution.


Mr X

As the forum isn’t swamped with reports of Scrivener freezing, the problem is probably local to your computer.

The easiest most immediate thing to try is probably to uninstall, re-download and then reinstall Scrivener. Though this should not put your projects at risk (they are stored elsewhere than where Scrivener is installed), best to make sure you have backups of your projects off the computer (cloud, CD/DVD, USB thumb drive, …) before doing this.

Beyond this, if interested, see my suggestions in the following thread…

A search of the forums using “freeze”, “freezing”, “frozen”, “lock”, etc. will turn up other folks’ experiences related to this.

Hope that helps. If not, hopefully someone else can help. Post back here to let folks know how it goes.

It’s a windows 8 computer (8.1 technically) once it started the freezing, updating was the first thing I attempted, and it told me it was up to date.
I will attempt to reinstall it, I store all my projects on a memory card anyway, so no issues with that.

Okay, apparently the only thing on my computer itself was something called “Scrivener Update”, I’m not sure if it was renamed after an update, or if this was the cause, will be uninstalling and reinstalling Scrivener from the website.

It appears to be fixed. :confused: I’m very confused as to what on earth happened though. Why wasn’t the actual scrivener installed??

My old laptop here is 8.1, no issues freezing though.
You might want to try keeping your project locally on the SSD/HDD and let it backup to the memory card. They aren’t too fast writing and scriv keeps a million files around.

It’s doing the freezing once again, even with files on the hard drive. Windows was just totally reinstalled, then scrivener followed it, and it’s freezing. JUST Scrivener. Nothing else is having issues.
This doesn’t happen on my Windows 7 computer, just the 8.

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode and running Scrivener for a while there? It could be some conflicting software, although if I understand correctly you shouldn’t have too much installed yet aside from whatever Microsoft gives you. Worth checking though since it will prevent all the start-up items from launching, and may shed some light.

Does the freeze happen just loading Scrivener, with no projects opening (or trying to open on launch)? I mean, is the freeze happening for instance right at the New Project window, or is it specific to working in a certain project? If the latter, it could be an issue with how much text/media is being loaded or some corruption in the project that’s slowing everything down.